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This is the privacy policy of LocalRealEstate.com, a website that truly values the privacy and protection of its customers. It is our goal to ensure the privacy of customers that visit all of our pages, including those that we own through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Please be aware that when we refer to "The Services," we are referring to Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites that we control as extensions to our main website LocalRealEstate.com.

This privacy policy is meant to outline the rules and ways that LocalRealEstate.com and its affiliated websites collect, use, share, and maintain personal information that customers sometimes share through The Services. Our definition of personal information is "any information that identifies you or data collected about you." This policy is incorporated into our Terms of Use.

We sometimes collect personal information from you. This information may include the following:

- Cellphone or home phone number
- Email address
- Physical address
- Name
- Other data from your Content. This is defined explicitly in our Terms of Use.

Sharing information about you

By using our website, you agree that we can share your information with 3rd parties. We can disclose this personal information if we are required to do so by law. You also agree that we can publish your information on the Internet or any other methods that haven't been created yet. We may share your data with third party affiliates and companies that buy their assets. It's also agreed that they may share or transfer your info with companies if a merger takes place.

Secure data

Our goal is to create an online environment that secures your important data. Despite all of our efforts on your behalf, we can't guarantee that our security measures will stop all hacking attempts. Because of this, some 3rd parties may sometimes access personal information of yours. LocalRealEstate.com is not liable for these instances because we have done all we could to secure your data.


LocalRealEstate.com and affiliated companies may use cookies. These are defined as tiny bits of data that is exchanged through web browsers and then stored on hard drives. The purpose of these cookies is to store info and keep track of your use of The Services. They may also be employed so that they can keep track of the permissions you set forth while using Services. Sometimes the information gathered from these cookies is used to help us improve your user experience on our website.


We do not collect information from anyone that is under 18 year of age. Parents and legal guardians should contact us if a child has accessed our website and shared personal information. We will delete this information so that it is no longer stored.

Protect yourself

We ask that all visitors to LocalRealEstate.com use caution when sharing your personal information on all websites, including this one. You have a personal responsibility to yourself to never share your passwords or personal information with anyone or any website that you don't trust. By using The Services, you accept personal responsibility for your personal information. We will never ask for private information by way of email. Credit and debit card information, as well as passwords, are not shared in your email. If someone requests this type of information through email, it is almost always a phishing scam, and is not a part of our privacy policy. We do not engage in this practice or condone it, but ask that you take all necessary precautions to prevent sharing such sensitive information in email.