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Beach Flags

What do the flag colors mean on the beach?

During the holidays many families head out to the beach to create new family traditions around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Several of the favorite beaches to visit are in Walton County in Florida and include 30A’s Grayton, Seaside, Seagrove, Blue Mountain and Rosemary, just to name a few. The Emerald Coast is gorgeous and there’s plenty to do for the whole family. One question often asked from visitors is “What do the flag colors mean on the beach?” Let’s explore that question so you can be prepared for your next trip to the beach!

Beach flags are flown to indicate the current surf conditions. Here in Walton County, we have Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Red flags. Here’s what each color means:

Green Flag: Low Hazard- calm conditions. Waves 6 inches or less. Water temp 72-82 degrees F
Yellow Flag: Medium Hazard- moderate surf and/or currents. Waves 6-8 feet. Water temp 80-84 degrees F
Purple Flag: Dangerous marine life spotted in the area
Red Flag: High Hazard weather conditions

I hope this helped clear up any questions about what the flag colors mean on the beach. When visiting Walton County, be sure to swim only when the flags are green or yellow and always heed any warning flags that are up. Have a great time at the beach!

Warning sign on beach says Rip currents! Break the grip of the rip.

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