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Blue Mountain Beach Real Estate

Heading south of US 98 on SR 83 you will skirt the western border of the Point Washington State Forest and reach Scenic 30A. Straight ahead Old Blue Mountain Road leads shortly and directly to the Gulf of Mexico and into essentially the geographical center of it’s street sign namesake—the coastal community of Blue Mountain Beach, Florida. While this Scenic 30A community is in fact the highest elevation found in South Walton County, fret not if you forgot to pack supplemental oxygen. Taking in the sights at 65 feet doesn’t necessarily warrant any special conditioning or the hiring of a sherpa. 

(Unless of course you are a family prone to overpacking for a day at the beach— then… yes, you are gonna need all the competitive advantages you can muster. If that IS the case here is a thought that might help: Look just to the left across the intersection where you are sitting. That gem of an establishment is called the Blue Mountain Creamery. Local legend has it that children under the influence of ice cream transform instantly into more willing sherpas. Just saying.)  

Blue Mountain Beach Florida is another of the originally pioneered Emerald Coast communities found along Scenic 30A. We’ve observed that this sort of gradual development of a coastal area over many decades invariably results in a special added character that’s hard to put your finger on. Perhaps it’s the intrigue of the combination of older and new homes and developments complimenting one another by honoring the past while pressing into the future? Maybe it’s the local businesses that become intrinsically rooted in the community’s way of life—and all that comes from that socially and economically? Maybe it’s the mystique of the meandering old world Florida neighborhood roads and consequently awkward, scrub oak blinded intersections? Likely it is all these things and more of the sort that give the original South Walton County coastal destinations—Blue Mountain Beach Florida being a PRIME example— this mysterious added character. Whatever the case, this unique vibe afforded to such communities is undeniably present and is a driving attribute in the overall culture and lifestyle enjoyed by all residents and visitors to Walton County Florida.     

While you might also need another sherpa to help carry the philosophy load in this property description know that Blue Mountain just sort of does that to a person. Be certain to check it out and you’ll see what we mean. If you have an interest in Blue Mountain Beach real estate know that we are always looking for an excuse to be there so feel free to give us a shout.