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Destin The World's Luckiest Fishing Village

One of the most renowned and well-appointed tourist destination cities along the gulf coast of Florida is found in Okaloosa County along US 98. While, officially billboarded as ‘The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village’, it is fair to say that the claim is only ‘mostly’ correct. Destin Florida—as a result of Destin Pass providing unparalleled access to the Gulf of Mexico—is indeed the epitome of a world-class deep sea / saltwater fishing industry and tourism destination. As for the term ‘village’ however… Destin has prospered into what might be more accurately referred to as a bonafide city. And while some might of course lament these winds and waves of change, know that those responsible for bringing Destin to it’s future did so like a boss. That all said, given that Destin Florida is still wildly charming and originally quaint in so many aspects— and because ‘The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village of a City’ is not nearly as catchy— it is certainly apt that the billboard remains.  

Few know that the majestic Destin Pass has a not-so-majestic origin. This magnificent hallmark of Destin Florida that single-handedly shaped and continues to shape and sustain it’s very culture, industry and way of life otherwise…came to being by the combination of two men with shovels and a hunch. In short, legend has it that two men had the idea of digging a trench from the Choctawhatchee Bay to the Gulf of Mexico several hundred yards away, in hopes that it would begin to flow enough that they would no longer have to carry their Jon boat over the coastal dunes in order to get some salt water fishing in. The hunch was correct. Maybe a little too correct. Imagine their surprise when the next day their concept of a slew…was nearly as wide as Destin Pass today. While hardly legal and certainly a dangerous and foolishly bold risk to abruptly slap two massive ecosystems head first into one another… the effort was executed in the innocent good intention of adventure and the result was fortuitous at minimum. 

Destin Florida is similar to it’s Bay County cousin Panama City Beach Florida in that it was formed over many decades. Both becoming the bustling resident and tourist gulf coastal hub-destinations they are by sustaining a focused intention over the years in offering their locals and tourists the perfect opportunity to live their best beach-life. In the case of Destin this looks like marinas; harbors; countless old and new residential developments and neighborhoods, Choctawhatchee Bay and Gulf front estates; townhouse, condominiums and apartment complexes; luxurious and modest hotels and motels; small and grand shopping centers; legendary nightlife and dining options; countless accesses to the Gulf of Mexico and the Choctawhatchee Bay; high ranking schools; and of course a full range of long established municipal and professional services. It’s interesting and somewhat comical to consider that all this and so much more came to be— at least perhaps in the magnitude and manner that it is— from a couple fellows with shovels having a ‘hold my beer’ moment.           

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