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Dune Allen Real Estate

Once becoming a resident of South Walton County Florida you will quickly learn the following:  While merely an 18-20 mile stretch along two main ingress / egress tributaries—US 98 and Scenic 30A— Sowal is home to more officially/unofficially, yet proudly, titled towns, communities, and residential developments than a person could possibly ever accurately title and categorize by an agreed upon set of official boundaries. It’s just the ways it is. That being said, we choose to refer to the area south of US 98 at it’s west-end confluence with Scenic 30A as the gateway into the greater community of Dune Allen.

If you have an interest in discovering more about Dune Allen Florida real estate opportunities we’d be honored to assist you in any way.

Dune Allen Florida, navigating from the ‘nominal coordinates’ suggested above, extends eastward along CR 30A to the eastern border of Oyster Lake— which is again a debatable boundary suggestion, but you get the point. Whats not debatable is the next-level charm and allure of Dune Allen as an authentic old school gulf front community. Similar to Seacrest Beach on the east end of Scenic 30A, Dune Allen is a ‘non town-centered’ combination of new and older homes tastefully integrated throughout many single homesites and residential developments over the course of several decades. Bordered to the east by the expansive Topsail Hill State Park Reserve and to the immediate south by the Gulf of Mexico, Dune Allen, Florida offers it’s more ‘outdoorsy’ inclined residents and visitors many opportunities including easy access to it’s pristine beaches and 3 large lakes perfect for fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Dune Allen is another of Walton County’s  ‘best of both worlds’ coastal communities in that it’s centrally located in convenient proximity to many South Walton amenities and shopping destinations accessed immediately along US 98 and Scenic 30A— yet as a predominately residential area itself, not overly congested or commercialized. It’s fair to say that Dune Allen is about as close to the more relaxed old-Florida feel one could hope to find among South Walton County’s many coastal community vacation destinations.