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San Destin Home of the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Headed west along US 98 prior to reaching the Walton County / Okaloosa County line you’ll find, geographically speaking, one of Walton County’s last major coastal developments. And in the interest of a little word play… it is also, chronologically speaking, one of Walton County’s FIRST major coastal developments— Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.  

The full story of Sandestin, located in Miramar Beach Florida, could be (and perhaps is) a book in and of itself. That being said, we will do our best to keep this description brief and you can give us a shout if you’d like to know more… or you could maybe just go find that book. If you do, grab us a copy. 

About a half a century ago the land that is now Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort saw it’s first workers show up to begin expediting a developers vision. The South Walton County Florida tourism industry and resident population at the time wasn’t starving by any means but it was slow and sleepy enough in those days that the vision for a mega-scale commercial, luxury residential and tourist destination project such as Sandestin certainly must have seemed bold if not perhaps a bit insane. As it turns out… it WAS bold but as for insane, not so much. In hindsight it was in fact brilliant.

Segue forward that half a century mentioned above and here we are in the present day where and when Sandestin is nothing short of a WILDLY successful development—unparalleled, by Walton County standards anyway, in it’s sheer size and momentum in the residential and commercial real estate / retail marketplace and tourist industry. The numbers are staggering: 1,600 homes, villas, townhomes and hotel accommodations spread amongst 30 neighborhoods; 4 golf course; 7 miles of Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay frontage; 19 resident and guest swimming pools; a 113 slip marina; 2 major conference centers; 15 private tennis courts; and enough world-class retail, dining, entertainment, nightlife, and service merchants to intrigue and satisfy a small city. So… yes, we feel the need to restate it…the Sandestin vision was bold…absolutely bold and utterly brilliant. 

To learn more about Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort real estate opportunities give us a shout.