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The Retreat Real Estate

In addition to it’s incredible old-world residential and commercial charm, Blue Mountain Beach Florida is also a virtual pantheon of modern urban developments—and one of these communities, aptly titled The Retreat, has most certainly earned a seat at the head of the table. 

Most South Walton County coastal communities that achieve the feel of being especially private and secluded do so on the north side of Scenic 30A. The Retreat however was developed on a very unique stretch of this county road where it twists and winds away from the coast and back to accommodate the rise and fall of Blue Mountain’s elevation. Hidden so deeply in these twists on the south side of the road, a passerby on Scenic 30A doesn’t even see Draper Lake. It is this magnificently pristine 29 acre coastal dune lake, one of the larger of South Walton County’s 15 such lakes that—along with 3000 feet of gulf frontage— is a mainstay feature of The Retreat.

The Retreat’s style of development is best summarized by a statement from long-time South Walton County local Tom Christ of Christ and Associates. He said, “The Retreat is special because it doesn’t really have one defined architectural style. Instead, it has traditional and contemporary styling as found in Bermudian, Caribbean, Low Country Louisiana, French and Spanish Colonial style architecture. I believe it to be the most interesting collection of homes along the beaches of 30A.” We couldn’t agree more with Tom’s observation of this unique fact that even further sets The Retreat apart from the rest of Scenic 30A’s urban developments.  

Accessed along Scenic 30A less than a mile west of SR 283, Retreat Drive gently winds away from IT ALL skirting Draper Lake towards the Gulf Coast of Mexico into what could be called—by standard of luxury, privacy and picturesque grandeur— an entirely other world. 

This all being said, it is certainly worth a look down Retreat Drive if you have an interest in South Walton County real estate. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a showing we’d be honored to make that happen.