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Watercolor Real Estate

Scenic 30A is an 18 mile stretch of county road ambling along the gulf coast of South Walton County Florida. At roughly the halfway mark, just past Seaside, overlooking beautiful Western Lake and the eastern boundary of Grayton Beach State Park we find the main entrance to the coastal community known as Watercolor. 

By reason of location, quality of design and range of amenities, an interest in Watercolor Florida real estate is an intelligent one. By reason of it’s sheer size the prospects for that interest are numerous. Give us a shout if you’d like to dig deeper.  

While the land was originally purchased in 1927 by the St. Joe Paper Company for timber, the natural evolution of the company— and of course the potential of it’s more than half a million acre holdings— gave birth to the St. Joe Company, a wildly prolific land development operation headquartered in Panama City Beach Florida. Watercolor is but one of very many St. Joe Company developments throughout Walton and Bay Counties and other parts of Florida. The first thing to understand about urban development if the St. Joe Company is involved… is that they have only one mode of operation… and that would be best described in summary as GO BIG OR GO HOME. 

In the case of Watercolor Florida this St. Joe Company modus operandi resulted in a 500 acre urban development masterpiece spanning from the Gulf of Mexico to the Point Washington State Forest to the north— and more impressively from Western Lake eastward behind Seaside and Seagrove Beach all the way to SR 395. This, by South Walton County relative standards for a planned community development, is sheerly colossal.

The St. Joe Company tendency to go large in quantity is equally matched by impeccable quality in it’s design considerations and implementations. First of all, it’s so well and discreetly plotted that a passerby on Scenic 30A or SR 395 could only guess Watercolor to be a mere fraction of it’s actual size. And within the uniquely private and sprawling expanse of it’s residential and commercial areas one can expect to find… it— by IT we mean everything: Water sport equipment rentals, Exquisite and light dining establishments, world-class retail options, entertainment, a massive gulf front luxury hotel, uncommon numbers of common areas and green spaces, the list truly goes on and on. And as if that weren’t enough ITS, the east ingress / egress on to SR 395 called Watercolor Crossing leads directly into an upscale Publix shopping center featuring an entirely new selection of dining, retail and services.