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Watersound Beach Real Estate

Headed east out Seagrove Beach Florida on Scenic 30A, a vista-worthy view of Deer Lake to the south is immediately followed by the grand entrance to yet another grand slam achievement in urban development by the St. Joe Company— the gulf front community of Watersound Beach. While much smaller than it’s sister community Watercolor 5 miles to the west, the breathtaking result of this brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed masterpiece of a development is most certainly no second fiddle. 

Watersound Beach is completely surrounded by the protected lands of Deer Lake State Park to the north and west, the Gulf of Mexico to the immediate south and borders the southern shore of Camp Creek Lake on it’s east boundary. The selection of this incredible location for the development was a strategically genius move by the St. Joe Company insuring that the community of Watersound Beach will forever stand alone in this beautifully secluded portion of coastal South Walton County. Unique In this regard, there really are no other Sowal communities that possess this level of exclusivity for the entirety of their perimeter.     

While all of the roughly 200 homes found in Watersound Beach do share a common southern vernacular inspired theme, the community is separated into 5 micro-districts—each presenting it’s own unique style and color palette variance. This nifty twist does so much to enhance and diversify the aesthetic, while still retaining a solid and cohesive appearance and feel to the community overall. It’s these sort of brilliantly attended conceptual details that so often keep our hats off to the St. Joe Company. 

Inside the Long Leaf Pine and coastal Oak walls of the luxurious and serene Watersound Beach kingdom one will find miles of other-worldy-beautiful walkways, trails and boardwalks weaving throughout the residential districts and the 20+ merchant establishments; a colossal zero entry pool; a fitness center; beach access to definitely the least crowded beaches in South Walton County and perhaps even the least crowded beaches on the entirety of the Emerald Coast of Florida for that matter; common areas and green spaces galore; docks for fishing; and so very, VERY much more. You’ll just have to go take a look for yourself to truly appreciate this one of a kind South Walton County coastal community.  

If you’d like to learn more about Watercolor Beach Real Estate we are eager to assist.